Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Update: I'm feeling better!

It's become clear that some of my readers are under the impression that I am still in bed with a blanket over my eyes, trying to keep any bit of food down.  Well, I'm pleased to report that two weeks after surgery, I am feeling much better.

Whatever magic the PA worked during my post-op check-up worked, because my dizziness started to go away the next day.  I stayed out of bed all day on Friday and Saturday, and the only pain medication I took was a couple of Tylenol at night.  I was feeling well enough to go to stake conference* on Saturday night and then out to dinner afterwards. On Sunday, I made a fancy dinner with William.  And on Monday, I did a bunch of laundry and housework, so in some aspects, life is back to normal.  My sense of taste is slowly coming back, and my mouth isn't drooping anymore. (If my sense of taste had been permanently damaged, that would've been the most tragic thing ever to happen to me, even more than being born deaf. I cannot even imagine never being able to taste French fries dipped in honey mustard again.)

I still have a bruise under my right eye that mostly just looks like I got carried away with the green eyeshadow. Riding in the car is still giving me a little bit of difficulty, so I don't trust myself to get behind the wheel just yet. But each day is an improvement, so I expect to be back behind the wheel sooner rather than later.  Brighter days are indeed ahead!

I've been without hearing in my right ear for two weeks now.  My left ear has been doing a lot of heavy lifting, if you will.  It has been frustrating not to hear as well as I'm accustomed, but something is better than nothing. I'm also mindful that two weeks of not being able to hear well is a good reminder for me that I have been so fortunate, given the level of loss that I have.  So many children never have the opportunities that I had, and life is really, really hard for them. I've largely been spared many of those challenges and have been able to make the most of what little hearing I have. For that I am most thankful.

*On Saturday night's session of stake conference, without any warning, I was picked out of an audience of hundreds to share a testimony. First of all, I was glad that I'd put some make up on. Second of all, I was glad that I had some things of a spiritual nature recorded in my blog that I could cobble together into a semi-coherent message. So, I talked about the thing that has consumed my thoughts of late, my cochlear implant. And by the time I finished, I didn't see many dry eyes in the audience. Mission accomplished.


  1. Oh, I wish I had been there to hear your testimony! But I know I would have been bawling like a little baby. I'm so glad to hear you are doing better and feeling better. Been thinking about you a lot lately and can't wait to read about tomorrow!

  2. I would have loved to hear you, too! I've gotten teary-eyed just reading some of your posts. So glad you're feeling better. I'm excited to hear about your experience tomorrow! Will it be turned on permanently or is it something you'll have control over and be able to turn it off and on. (Wow. that would be really nice sometimes ;))

    And I totally agree with you about losing your sense of taste. After you mentioned that in a previous post I started prioritizing my senses... taste came before hearing :)

  3. Really sad I was not at Stake Conference; even more sad my mom ditched!!! She would have loved this. Good luck today! Remember that you are the smartest person I know so I am sure your advanced brain will adapt oh so quickly.