What to expect on Activation Day

by Rebecca J on 2012-10-23

Today I got an email from Amy, the audiologist who will be activating my implant tomorrow at 9. Hereʼs what she said that we can expect.

For activation tomorrow, you can bring ANYONE youʼd like. My room is only big enough for about 2 other adults, and your kids would probably get VERY bored, so just keep that in mind. Also — I donʼt mind at all if you record, video, take pictures, etc., of your visit tomorrow. Itʼs your appointment, so you can do whatever youʼd like. The first 45 minutes will be not very eventful. I will put your processor on your head, make sure the magnet and headpiece stay in place, check the function of the internal implant, etc. Then weʼll spend about 20-30 minutes having you listen to EXTREMELY soft beeps at different pitches. This will help me set the very softest level for your first set of programs. Then weʼll turn on the sound, adjust it until itʼs comfortable … all while you are slowly adjusting to the new sound of your implant. It will take us another 45-60 minutes to review ALL of the equipment that youʼll be using, as well as appropriate auditory rehab exercises to do at home.

Let me know if you come up with any questions before tomorrow. I really look forward to seeing you and turning on your implant!! It will be the beginning of a whole new journey!

And thatʼs it. Stay tuned for pictures and if itʼs not too embarrassing, a video!