A Sound of Summer

by Rebecca J on 2013-08-02

Last weekend, William was outside mowing the yard, while the girls and I played inside. In the middle of his work, he came inside and asked me to join him outside. “Thereʼs something I want to show you.” He pointed at a tree in our backyard. “Thereʼs a cicada in that tree. I want you to hear it.” So we waited for a few seconds. Then the cicada started chirping, and William said, “Thatʼs a cicada! Do you hear it?” And I did! It was loud and clear and very chirpy, and I wondered how Iʼd never been able to hear cicadas chirping in all of my years.

Now I hear them everywhere. And each time I hear a cicada, it reminds me of William taking the time to help me hear something magical.